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Another DS in the middle of the Vietnam war, in "Spy
Game", a 2001 Tony Scott action movie.
Hun Chea, that's the name of the
laotian visitor, arrives in a DS. He
is greeted and shown the way.
The DS has the pre-1967 front
design and seems to be an
American export model. It appears,
alas, all but a few seconds.
The movie has been shot in
various countries, including
Morocco and Hungary, but not
Vietnam. Anyway, let's consider
this is yet another "DS in Asia" !
More about the movie here (English):
The action is supposed to take
place in April, 1975, not far from
Da Nang, central Vietnam. Bishop
(Brad Pitt) is missioned by Muir
(Robert Redford) to eliminate a
laotian commander when he meets
with his Viet Congs allies.  
See the extract from the film with the DS here, on my Youtube channel: