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Old pictures of Saigon streets in the '60 and '70 sometimes show a DS, in a nostalgic tour
of the city.
Many thanks to Jean-Claude Toudy, who sent me most of these documents, and who
devoted a very interesting site to Indochina and Saigon (French):
The famous Continental hotel.
Dong Khoi Street, at the corner of the
Continental Hotel and Lam Son Square,
leads to one of Saigon's most famous
landmarks: the Notre-Dame Cathedral. Oh,
and yes: there is at least one DS in every
single photo of this page. Where's Wally ?
In front of the Customs House, on 21, Quai
Le Myre de Vilers (1971).
The Theater, Square Lawson (1969).
The "Cercle Sportif de Saigon" (1960).
Another hotel, the Majestic.
The Presidential Palace (1961).
The Central Post Office, designed by G.
Eiffel (he also made a tower in Paris,
The square in front of the Central Market
Vinh Nghiem Pagoda.
Two photos above left: Catinat (Tu Do) Street. Above right: Boulevard Galieni (1965).
Below: other locations in downtown Saigon.
A few shots made outside Saigon:
Above, the Cuan Loi air strip (1967).
Left, on the Saigon to Mekong Delta
Highway (1968).
Below: near Dalat (1968, doc. B.
Below left: "back road to Ba Queo"