It took 3 years to its current owner,  a car fan
who fell in love with the DS during a trip in
Holland in 2000, to restore it.

The history of the car is totally unknown; all
pre-1975 vehicules were assigned to new
owners after the "liberation", and car
documents do not indicate anything.
A rare 1965 Belgium-made ID19, parked in the
center of Ho Chi Minh City (a.k.a. Saigon) with
a "for sale" sign under the windshield, and
posted on a Vietnamese auto blog. Its owner
sent us more pictures.
This car is really a very special one. First, it is one of the only 8,100 D models assembled
in Belgium in 1965. Second, It has that little personal touch that makes it so unique : the
little curtains, the fire extinguisher, the double exhaust...
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