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James Simons, from Down Under, knows more DS in Vietnam than anybody else, and that
includes me, if you see what I mean. He is also having two of them restored. Here are his
photos, together with his comments:
"My 1962 DS19 in Saigon (left and below)
has been changed to a 5 bearing motor, 5
stud wheels, late model front, complete with
a steel bonnet and a hand made late model
dash. The brakes have also been modified,
I assume when LHS or parts were not
available to fix it. I have not heard it running,
but believe it did before being pulled apart.
It is very difficult to find the original parts to
turn it back into a 1962 model, but I am trying."
"My DS21 (left) is a 1972 model. it lost the 5
speed gearbox years ago and has been
replaced with a 4 speed gearbox. Its possible
that it never had a 5 speed gearbox because
5th gear would rarely be used in the traffic but
I am trying to find a 5 speed gearbox . It has 2
radiators, one in the normal place and another
horizontally in front of it. Every DS I have seen
in Viet Nam has the same modification so it
may have been done when sold new. They all
have air conditioning too."  
Top: a DS23 injection, back in 2002. This car later
became the object of a failed transformation into a
convertible, and was eventually scrapped.
Right: a wreck in Saigon.
Below: in a forest two hours south of Saigon, no less
than four DS slowly dying under the sun.
Amazing transformation over the years, not in the best of
tastes. The front is of course borrowed to a post-1967
car, but the protruding winkers on top of the front fenders
are particularly ugly. The dashboard is not very orthodox