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The only DS found so far in Hanoi, the
capital of North Vietnam, from a
Vietnamese site (link not valid anymore).
It seems to be a DS21, photographed in
2006, and in a rather nice condition
Update ! (April 2014) The car resurfaced
in 2012 on a local web page (right), then
again in April 2014, with a new body paint,
and a "for sale" sign (below).
Meanwhile , Samuel Maruta, a classic car amateur living in Saigon, had spotted the car on
the city's street (Februrary 2014, below). I also learnt that this 1969 (?) DS21 belonged to
famous Vietnamese musician Thanh Tùng, and was later sold to Binh, a car dealer, who
restored it and is now selling it.
Thanks to loyal followers
Samuel Maruta and Tran  
Minh Tam (himself the
owner of a DS in Saigon !)
for their precious
An interesting
"chevrons" design on
the rear