John Wayne enjoying the ride in a DS in Vietnam, a must see ! But there is a trick...
The scene can be found in the famous 1968 American
pro-Vietnam war movie called "The Green Berets", directed
by and starring John Wayne. The action is set near Da
Nang, central Vietnam, where elite American troops, the
Green Berets, led by Col. John Kirby (Wayne), are sent to
bravely fight the "VC", the North Vietnamese Viet Congs.

In the second part of the film, our hero decides to capture a
General in enemy territory, with the help of double agent and
femme fatale Miss Lin (Irene Tsu), who managed to be
invited by the General for a private evening. The tension is
The General takes Miss Lin to
his house, the "old Costeau
Plantation", in his official car, a
blue DS with a white roof.
Indeed a good way to start a
sweet, memorable evening.
But Miss Lin refuses the
French wine proposed by the
General, and in no time makes
herself at home.
The camera discreetly leaves
the room, allowing us to
admire the other goddess of
the evening.
Suddenly, Col. Kirby's men
appear from nowhere and
neutralize the guards, including
one over the roof of the car !

Now look at these protruding
front winkers, just like on US
export models... strange...
Moments later the General is
captured, then put half-naked
into the trunk.
A little while later, the sun has
risen and everybody enjoys the
legendary comfort of the DS
(well, I guess). Col Kirby calls
his mates for the next
rendezvous, his Vietnamese
alter ego Col. Cai (Jack Soo)
at the wheel.
A few more punches later, the
check-point is easily crossed.
Off we go...
The car is tested on various
types of roads, as it should be.
It looks like the Monte-Carlo

Now these winkers are really
out of place.
Finally the General is helped
out of the trunk, and... and...
No ! The DS is dumped in a
river ! What a shame !
Now the trick: the movie was not shot at all in Vietnam, but in Georgia, USA... Not mentioning
that  the "Vietnamese" actors were in fact Americans with origins in China (Irene Tsu) or in
Japan (Jack Soo and a few others).

The goal of this site is indeed to show only the Citroen DS in Asia. Let's say that for this
borderline case, it can also mean "in an Asian setting"...

See the extract from the film with the DS here, on my Youtube channel:

More info about the movie here (English):
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Update ! (July 2013) In May 2013, a DS for sale on a US website (craigslist) was
advertised as "the Citroen in John Wayne's Green Berets movie" (photos below). The seller
told me that he had "papers to prove it", but I never received them.  

But wait... if the DS was indeed dumped in the river, could it really have survived ? The
answer may lie in a perspicacious comment I received from a follower:
two cars were used in the movie. If we watch carefully the photos above, a 1965 Pallas US-
export manual version was used along with a 1963 or 1964 US-export Confort version. To
give just one example of the tiny differences: the 1965 car had no side mirror on its left,
while the earlier car (used from "the car is tested on various types of roads, etc", above)
did have one. The older car would have been dumped in the river, and the newer one may
very well be the one put on sale in Ladson, South California (the State just north of Georgia,
where the film was shot, remember...), for a mere $3,000.