DS are sometimes spotted in Vietnam, at least in the southern part of the country
(Saigon), which was controlled by the Western powers up to the Communist victory
in 1975.
Do Van Chanh does not have one DS, he has three of them. He took
them over about ten years ago, when nobody knew what to do with
them. If you ask him why he did that, he'll tell you "why, because they
deserve it".
Pictures and story
And then there is this one, supposed to be taken in Vietnam and found
on the Net several years ago by a friend, but I have no more
information. It does look in good condition and may be a pre-1970
DS21 Pallas.
John Wayne enjoying the ride in a DS in Vietnam, a must see ! But
there is a trick....
The story, and the trick,
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Another DS in the middle of the Vietnam war, in "Spy Game", a 2001
Tony Scott action movie.
Four DS wrecks in a Ho Chi Minh City suburb, waiting for amateurs. A
few days after the first visit by Samuel, one of them was already gone.
More pictures
A rare 1965 Belgium-made ID19, parked in the center of Ho Chi Minh
City (a.k.a. Saigon) with a "for sale" sign under the windshield, and
posted on a Vietnamese auto blog. Its owner sent us more pictures.
See them
Another DS wreck, found in a Vietnamese auto forum in December,
More pictures, and the original link,
After a long overhaul, Luong Nhat Trieu took his DS for a trip to Dalat,
over 300 km north of Ho Chi Minh City. He explains that his driver
"likes this car, he trusts it for the far trips."
Many more pictures
Old pictures of Saigon streets in the '60 and '70 sometimes show a DS,
in a nostalgic tour of the city.
See them all
A DS in a Parisian street, on the cover of a book titled "Questions and
answers regarding the actions of Uncle Ho abroad (1911-1944)",
edited by Nha Xuat Ban Tre in 2007. Now, wait, the future national
hero Ho Chi Minh did not travel to Europe after 1944, so how could he
have seen in Paris this revolutionary car, unveiled in 1955 ? He could
not of course, but this cover simply shows that the DS has become the
perfect symbol of France in the 20th century, nothing less !
Beautiful picture of a beautiful DS in Ho Chi Minh City in 2003, found
on the personal site of a certain Michael Hubbard, a "media junkie
based in London".
Other pictures of the same car from the Net
Nguyen Van Thanh also found his two DS abandoned. One of them,
an ID19, is fully restored now.
In the courtyard of an administration building in Ho Chi Minh City, my
heart stood still when I saw the car's unmistakable roofline under a
grey plastic cover. It was indeed a DS, but not your average DS... A
very, very unique one.
If you want to know more, which I guess is the
case, no other solution but to click
James Simons, from Down Under, knows more DS in Vietnam than
anybody else, and that includes me, if you see what I mean. He is also
having two of them restored.
His photos and his comments are
Shawn Bader has spent the last few years chasing classic cars in
Vietnam, and has purchased the interesting (and affordable) ones
more often than not. He is now restoring them, and he has also started
to rent them for special occasions, including this DS21. His website
gives all details, including a complete panorama of the classic car
scene in Vietnam.
More pics and the link to Shawn's site
The only DS found so far in Hanoi, the capital of North Vietnam, from a
Vietnamese site (link not valid anymore). Not much detail (yet),
more photos are
A nice-looking 2nd generation DS, spotted on Shawn Bader's site (see
A DS21 found on a Vietnamese forum in November 2012, with this
grey-coloured band alongside the car's lower body which seems to be
a regular feature in this country.
More pictures  
A DS on the cover of this French language manual, published in 2011
and found in a Hanoi bookstore in January, 2014. On par with the
unavoidable Eiffel Tower, the DS remains a powerful symbol of France,
right to this day !
Early 2014, news surfaced of a newly-found "frog-eye" DS in Saigon.
I had to go and check it out ! Fellow DS in Asia hunter Tran Minh Tam,
himself the owner of a DS, took me there in May 2014.
See it   
Citroen met with success in Vietnam like nowhere else in Asia. The
brand enjoyed a high market share in the '20s and '30s, and the
introduction of the DS in Saigon in 1957 was also a hit, albeit short-
lived. From the first importations in 1919 by Emile Bainier in what was
then French Indochina, to the locally-designed "La Dalat" assembly
interrupted by the Communist government in 1975, see this short
history of Citroen in Vietnam,  
Another early DS found in Saigon, in 2014. See it   
A DS in the 1986 Vietnamese spy movie "Ván bài lật ngửa". The
action taking place during the liberation fight against the Americans,
a "vintage" black & white tone has been chosen by Director Lê Hoàng
Hoa (Khôi Nguyên) for the whole eight-installment series, and several
other vintage cars, including a Traction, have been used.
and links
Already the owner of a Traction and a 2CV, Trần Văn Tuấn loves to
drive his newly restored ID19, he feels like "taking a girlfriend out, like
20 years ago..."
See his portrait    
Tran Van Tuan and Tam Tran Minh regularly take their black & white
beauties for a drive around the Saigon area in search of hidden DS. In
May 2015, In Dong Nai province on the way back from a trip to Dalat,
they found two under a shed, belonging to a Mister Ho.