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Shawn Bader has spent the last few years
chasing classic cars in Vietnam, and has
purchased the interesting (and affordable)
ones more often than not. He is now
restoring them, and he has also started to
rent them for special occasions, including this
DS21. His website gives all details, including
a complete panorama of the classic car
scene in Vietnam.

The history of this 1969 DS21 is unknown.
Shawn explains to his potential customers
that "Citroen DS are known for their
amazingly comfortable ride due to their
unique hydro-pneumatic suspension system.
They are commonly known as Goddess and
are said to float like a magic carpet." In
another page he estimates the number of
remaining DS in Vietnam at "perhaps 40 or

(Update, July 2013: Shawn has decided
to shut his website down)