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Three DS wrecks lie in a Ho Chi Min City
suburb, waiting for amateurs. A few days
after the first series of pictures, one of them
was gone.
Four DS wrecks in a Ho Chi Minh City suburb, waiting for amateurs. A few days after the
first visit by Samuel, one of them was already gone.
Samuel, a French resident of the city, spotted the cars on his way to work, near District 7,
and sent us these interesting shots taken last July, 2007.  
A "for sale" post was on this one, with a price
tag: 65 million Dongs, approx. 3,250 Euros.
The shop owner said he had it for 4 or 5
years, but did not know anything about its
origin. Many details do not look original, in
and outside the car, making the identification
quite difficult.

It was gone a while later, when Samuel
dropped by again.
Left: the remains
of light connectors
on the B-Pillar
indicate a
pre-1962 model,
but that does not
match with the
style of the front
bumper, more
The other cars, in even worse condition: below, the stripped body of a car with a dashboard
of a 1st-generation ID...
... and two other desolated wrecks nearby. A
good start for an interesting collection, but
probably not enough yet to make a complete
car !