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A very popular 1976 Thai
gangster film titled in English
"The bug man" features a DS
in a few shots, between the
usual scenes of fight,
kidnapping and treason.

The Thai title refers in fact to
a pimp, as the story revolves
around gang leaders who  
fight over women and have
them work in their brothels
and other "turkish massage"

Two of the movie's main
actors, Krung Srivilai and
Sorapong Chatree, were
named Best Thai Actor
respectively in 1974 and
1975. The film director is
Chai Meekunsut.

The quality of the images is
not very good, making the
identification  of the car
uneasy. It seems to be an ID
dating back to around 1964
to 1967, and it is destroyed
in a great ball of fire in the
These screen shots have
been kindly provided by a
Frenchman who collects old
Thai cinema stuff  and
shows some of his material
on his website,
see here
See the extract from the film with the DS
here, on my Youtube channel: