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Khun Teema took me for a cool ride in his
fully restored, bright yellow DS21, in the
Bangkok neighborhood where he works as
an interior designer. He sure was a happy
man. Same here !
One sunny day in May, 2013, we agreed
to meet in Thonglor, one of Bangkok's
fashionable districts, one stone throw's
away from Ekkamai, where he has his
design office.      
Khun Teema had been thinking about
owning a DS one day, from the fateful
moment he saw a white one, years ago,
in this very same Thonglor area. He
mentioned it to his friends, without really
searching for one, until he heard there
was one for sale. That was 3 years ago. He
liked it at once, and bought it.  

The car, a 1971 DS21 according to Khun
Teema (the serial number plate indicates
a 1974 production, but looking at the
dashboard amongst other details, I think he
is right), had been fully restored from junk
by Chang Tee, an experienced mechanic
with extensive Citroen knowledge:  the best
in town, according to Khun Teema.  
The bonnet
handle, an original
accessory from the
French  company
GH, named after
its founder
Georges Hericourt.
The body colour is not the original one, but Khun Teema, who confesses a taste for vivid
colours like purple, red or orange, likes it very much. He also likes the 2nd generation
bdashboard, beautifully restored in chrome-like aspect. His goal is to bring his car even
closer to perfection, by changing the glazings for instance.
So off we go. I hop on a motosai
(moto-taxi) and follow him for a short run
around town. Khun Teema likes to drive
his DS, he says that sometimes people
(mostly foreigners) smile and wave at him.
His wife Khun Gaow, who works in
marketing, likes the car's design too, but
she is afraid to drive it, not being used to
manual gear changes.    
Khun Teema also owns
two Saab, particularly rare
in Thailand, a classic
convertible one, and a
recent one. His next
targets could be an E-type
Jaguar, or a "Pagoda"
Mercedes. Clearly he has
a designer's taste, and
it is nice to see that a DS
remains a design icon,
even in Thailand.

Thanks for the ride Khun
Teema !