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This is a typical lakorn (Thai soap-opera), with many nice girls and a few nasty ones, lots of
talking, fighting and crying, made up of no less than 15 installments totaling no less than 22
hours and a half (yes, I watched them all, but fast-forward !).  It was shot in 2008 by the
multi-talented Pongpat Wachirabunjong, also an actor and a singer, almost exclusively in
Phuket's old town and in one of its aristocratic villas, locally known as "Aung Mo Lao".  The
story revolves around the cute Khom Roongprai ("Taew" Nataporn Temeerak, above left)
and the handsome Chatsiam Surabodin ("Mart" Kritsada Pornveroj, above right).
So here we go. Here is a view of Phuket's
Old Town, with its distinctive Sino-Portuguese
architecture. The story is set in the '60s,
which explains the nice old cars slowing
passing by every now and then.
Chatsiam having stayed in Europe for a
while, it is only natural that he chooses to
drive a European car when he returns to his
home country. He decides to visit the
fatherless young girl he had agreed to
sponsor, in the gorgeous villa where she
stays with her blue-blood host family (I mean,
something along these lines, I did not quite
grasp all the nuances).
The very same car has been used for another movie, aired on Thai TV in 2009, and again
shot in Phuket, called "Dong Poo Dee" ("Blue blood territory"). Here again the car features
prominently, being driven by the hero himself.
The girl has grown into a cute young lady in
the meantime, and he decides to take her
downtown for shopping and a stop at the
ice-cream parlour. But the villa's master's
young wife asks if she can join.
Kind Chatsiam agrees, of course, and the
trio arrives downtown.
The young wife exits the car and thanks
Chatsiam for the ride. She goes at great
lengths all along the movie to show how
naughty she is, and she eventually finds a
horrible end (suspense, suspense !). On the
contrary, the hero keeps cool and kind all
along the fifteen episodes, to the point that
he gives a rather dull impression of himself
if you want my opinion.
Back to the villa. The plate number is of an
old type of course, along with the scenario
requirements, and it shows a Bangkok
Naughty young wife does all she can to look
nice and naive to the hero, but we are not
duped ! Not so easy a role when you think
about it. I found myself watching (yes,
fast-forward), and almost wanting to shout to
the hero "Hey Chatsiam open your eyes !
She's lying !".
A wai (the Thai greeting) before driving off.
Ladies first.
Actor Kritsada actually drives the car by
himself in a couple of scenes. How lucky.
A rendez-vous in Phuket. The Benz looks
nice (too), but the car behind the DS,
obviously a much later model, definitely
Off we go, with the beautiful background of
old Phuket town's main street (Thaland
Road) and a gorgeous sky.
I don't want to spoil the ending, so you won't
know the awful fate of Naughty Young Wife;
the two heroes' fate is much more on the
bright side, but you will have guessed it.

The whole drama is available on Youtube,
check out for example this extract (thai):

I have also uploaded the extracts with the
DS here, on my Youtube channel:
Now what about the car itself, undoubtedly a local star since it appeared in these two
movies shot in Phuket ? In April, 2010, I could locate it at last.
It belongs to Khun
Suchon, a veterinarian
who collects classic
cars. He owns about a
dozen of them, mostly
Mercedes, parked in the
back of a restaurant he
also owns in the Phuket
town area.

When the
production staff came to
check out his collection,
he accepted to lend the
Citroen, but he says he
regrets it now: they did
not take good care of it,
and the little
compensation he
received for the shooting
did not cover the cost of
the repairs that had to
be made later...

The car, which changed
body colours after its
two movie appearances,
was bought in Bangkok
years ago by Khun
Suchon, who also had it
restored by a specialist
there. He owns a
second DS, now under
Khun Suchon claims it is a 1957 ID19. But the identification plate indicates a 1960
production, which is matching with the car's characteristics. It is anyway one of the oldest
surviving DS in Asia, and in Thailand for that matter.
Most original details of an early
ID19 are there; and although the
extra front and rear lights are not
exactly necessary, it is good to
see that it has been restored and
well maintained. As a matter of
fact, Khun Suchon regularly
takes it around town.
Update ! (July 2013) This photo of the car
is shown together with a (very positive)
review of Khun Suchon's restaurant, called
Chanya, on this local website (English):

Yeah, I know what you think. These extra
winker lights really shouldn't be there.