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Khun Pod (orange shirt, above
left) inherited the Citroen virus
from his father, who started the
garage in the '60s. On the two
pics on the left, my own Italian
It seems I am not the only one to
bring my DS for repair or
maintenance at Khun Pod's garage
on Rama 4 Avenue in Bangkok.
Everytime I visit him, I am almost sure to find a new "DSinAsia". In October 2010, for
example (above), this bronze DSuper5. In May, 2011 (below), a 1973 DSuper 5 in need of
a full engine overhaul.
Above: the space in front of the radiator appears quite
"busy",  as frequently the case in these tropical
countries... An extra bulky fan in front of the radiator, and
the clumsy aircon radiator and fan.

Left: the greenish glass is not original of course, but it is
quite common in Thailand, where car owners often have
a heat-reflective film applied all around the car's glass
In October 2010, a very unique and
interesting sight: a Thai DS with an original
Webasto sunroof.
From left to right: a commendable effort to replace a lost rear indicator light ; the "Webasto"-engraved roof locking
mechanism; the worn-out Thai-script Citroen mark outside Khun Pod's garage. Below:  Khun Pod wondering how
many times I will keep comin' with my DS and its problems (May 2011).
Update ! (July 2015) Two more DS, unseen before, caught in Khun Pod's garage in June
2015. The quest will never end !
Above: a 1972 DS21, with a multi-coloured engine, and a rear quarter painted in black.
Below: an engineless ID type.