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Interesting openings below the headlights, on this DSuper 5 photographed by Kees in the
Bangkok area, early 2008.
A pre-1967 hydraulic DS21, photographed by Pascal in September, 2007. Hydraulic
versions are quite rare in Thailand; unfortunately this one is not cared of at all.
Another page for a few more siamese DS.
Ludo spotted this 1972 DSpecial in the Rayong province, belonging to Khun Navee (who
believes it is a 1964 DS19). I just love the small fan on the passenger side...
A "tuned" DS spotted in the Chiang Mai area, powered by a Honda V-Tec engine. Purists
will scream of course, but the result could have been worse.  
In June 2009, near Khon Kaen, Sébastien Delautre spotted this DS, litterally encased.
Like a local god. Or a goddess.
A DSuper 5 in a parking in the Sukhumvit
area in Bangkok, in January 2010. Now
there is something wrong with the
"chevrons" on the boot, but what ?
Sent by Kees Goudswaard in November 2009. It is now in Koh Samui.
The photo on the left was posted on the website of the Bangkok Classic Car Club in May,
2010. The photo on the right is older, 2003 it seems. Seven years bad luck.
A 1972 DS21, registered in Ayutthaya, for sale on a Thai website, spotted in November
2010. The little aircon things up in the roof are most unusual.
A rare 1961 ID19 belonging to a young Thai architect. The restoration is almost complete
(above right).  
A DS21 for sale in Ayutthaya, found on a
forum in May, 2013. The type of registration
plate looks rather unusual, I wonder what it
can be.
A "like new condition" DSuper 5 for sale on the Net, spotted in May, 2013.