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A DSpecial in this 2012 short detective movie, which was shown online as an
advertisement for the Thai cosmetics brand Oriental Princess. Titled "Reflection", this
award-winning, 40-minute interactive mini-movie by creative director Satit Jantawiwat
(agency JWT), directed by Wuthisak Anarnkaporn, allowed viewers to collect points
which could be redeemed at shops for cosmetics from the "Reflection" limited edition
product line.
Exterior night. Detective Vin (James Mackie) is driven to a murder scene in a white DS
with a red rotating light on its roof, against all odds. Zoom on his driver's hand grip on the
gear lever, then on the steering wheel: that's a late-year, mechanical gearbox model. On
arrival he is greeted by the police sub-inspector in charge (Danu Singhaseni).
Detective Vin then sets to solve the mystery of the murder or Khun Satit in his own
mansion, and interviews in turns the butler and six beautiful young women. In the wee
hours of the morning, when he leaves the place, he is arrested by the sub-inspector and  
ushered back into the DS. Don't ask me why, I did not quite understand...  
On the rear seat of the DS, Detective Vin turns back and throws a last glance at the
remaining five young ladies (the sixth one was shot dead during the night). On the very
last scene, with the "Chateau de Khao Yai" in the background (a high-end hotel in the
Khao Yai resort area, not far from Bangkok), the DS drives off.
Thanks to Vim Lenbury for the information !
I edited the scenes with the DS, see them here:

See also this link to JWT's website, where the full movie can be seen with English
subtitles (the 4 episodes are also visible on Youtube):