I can't help but start with what is probably
one of the most beautiful DS in Thailand.
Even elephants seem to be watching with
admiration... This I know for sure, for the
reason that this DS was formerly mine. The
car now belongs to my friend Pascal in
Bangkok,  who gives it the best care
possible. It is a 1969 DS21 Pallas, imported
to Thailand in October of the same year in
Thailand. The car had three Thai owners
before I took ownership.
On the left is the car as it appeared in 2006,
in the hands of Pascal. The engine and air
conditioning system have both been
overhauled, and various parts have been
replaced with original ones. The three
vertical air vents on each side of the car are
designed to help release engine heat ; in
reality, however, they are mostly effective in
enhancing the shark look of the car !
The photo on the right shows the car as I
found it in 2001. The owner of the small
repair shop looked quite relieved to find
someone willing to buy it... At the beginning
I had several problems, such as sudden
engine stalling due to carburetor overheating
(vapor-lock), gasoline leaks, steering
troubles, but these could be solved gradually.
The dashboard was complete but not in a
very nice condition. A previous owner had
added various extra meters, including an
engine heat indicator, for instance.

The last photo below shows the car next to
another Citroen, the Ami 8 break (estate),
quite a rarity in Thailand.
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