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A serie of great photos of the museum's cars, posted on by Dion Cragg:
One of the many visit reports to the museum to be found on the web (English):
The link to the museum's website (Thai):
The Jesada Technik
Museum is not only the sole
automotive museum in
Thailand, it is also one of the
largest and the most
extraordinary ones in Asia.
Amongst its 650 cars,
several Citroens, including
no less than six DS, two of
them already restored.  

The museum is located in
Nakhon Chaisri, in the
Nakhon Phathom province,
about 40 km West of
An engineer by training, Jesada Dejsakulrit made a fortune by assembling fire trucks and
other special vehicles for the Thai and export markets. During one of his numerous trips to
Europe, he decided with brother-in-law Soumeth Kamvongsa to import classic cars and
start a collection. They specialize in Messerschmitt KR-200, BMW Isetta and other so-
called micro- and bubble-cars from the '50s, but the collection reaches now more than
1,000 transportation machines of all kind, including cars of course, but also motorcycles,
three-wheelers, airplanes, helicopters, hoovercrafts, buses, children cars...     
Below: the two restored DS, both of them coming from Thailand. On the left, a DS23. On
the right, a 1962 ID19, making it one of the oldest surviving DS in Thailand.  
The other four DS, including a wagon
version, are in poor condition and are
stored outside the main hall. Jesada
continues to bring fully loaded containers
of cars from Europe, with the clear intention
to create the best auto museum in this part
of the world. Many unusual brands are
represented in this unusual collection:
Goggomobil, Fuldamobil, Mochet, DAF
Daffodil, Lloyd... No entrance fee is
charged, and the cars are regularly taken
outside for events.    
Here are some of the other Citroens: a 1928 C4, several Traction and 2CV, a Type H, an
Ami 6, a Mehari, a CX, not forgetting a couple of Panhard.
The two pics above come from an article about this museum published in the
French classic Citroen magazine "Citropolis" (Jan-Feb 2010).
To download
the full article (French and Thai), click on the pdf icon here (7 MB):