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Another early DS was again the only car in
a permanent exhibition titled "What is
Design ?", in 2010 at the TCDC (Thailand
Creative & Design Center) in Bangkok. The
curator of this exposition, Khun Louktan,
confessed to me that the "Goddess" is a
favourite of hers, and that she wished she
could have one in pale pink ! Like in the
Australian indie movie "The Goddess of
1967", which she liked.
The car is a 1963 ID19, and belongs to
Khun Moo, a Thai amateur. This permanent
exhibition of the TCDC, held on the last floor
of the "Emporium" shopping complex in the
Sukhumvit area, shows the evolution of
design in ten countries, including France.
Some items are changed from time to time;
before the Citroen, I was told it was a
Volkswagen Beetle.
Above: the legendary Citroen explained in Thai.