A tad dusty of course, but this 1963 ID19,
found by chance at a repair shop, is full of
charm. Pre-1967 models are a rarity in

The chassis number tells us that this
example dates back to 1963. The air
intakes below the headlamps are typical of
that period. The mechanic, more or less
specializing in old cars, could not stop
laughing when I started to take pictures,
and asked me how much I would pay for it.
As I said no thanks, he said he would make
it half price and started to scribble figures
on the dusty bonnet.

I hope another Citroen enthusiast took it
home eventually...
The steering wheel is OK, but the dashboard
does not look like an original one to me.
The chassis number (left), found engraved
on a steel plate in the engine room,
indicates that the car is an ID19 type, and
was manufactured in 1963.
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