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Somewhere in the middle of Bangkok, an
incredible collection of old cars houses no
less than nine DS, never restored, sleeping
under plastic covers and a thick layer of dust.
The owner stubbornly refuses to show them
to anyone, but I finally managed to have a
glimpse. The owner, a successful 60-year-old
Thai entrepreneur, was one of eleven children
in a poor family. Single and without a heir, he
must have thought he needed something to
invest his newly acquired wealth when he
purchased his first vintage car, a 1952
Mercedes Benz 300 Adenauer, when he
was 35. He still has that car, which he says
has been used by the King himself. He then
went on with the buying spree, focusing on
rare, high-end cars, and those with a special
history. He says he has gathered more than a
hundred of them now, including a Facel Vega
Facelia, a Porsche 356 Speedster (the first in
the world with a right-hand wheel), a 1937
Riley used by the wife of King Rama VII, a
1967 Alfa Romeo Spider Duetto... and no
less than ten Citroens: nine DS, and one
Why so many DS ? He says he started in
the early 1990's, when he could snap them
up for almost nothing. He explains they are
unique cars, with revolutionary technology
etc, but in fact he has never driven any in his
whole life, and does not seem interested to
do so. He just buys cars at a low price,
stores them, and never even thinks of
having them restored. Next he might add a
DS23 to his collection, in order to complete
his "D" range; he is also after the only
convertible DS rumoured to exist in Thailand.   
Above: a 1967 ID21 in "Safari" estate body, quite a rarity in Thailand. The last registration was made in 1990. It is entirely
complete, with the little folding seats in the back.
Below: a 1970 DS21 Pallas, the last registration sticker showing the year 1994.
Here is the detail of the nine DS of this exceptional collection : four ID, including a 1958 model, which would then be the
oldest DS in Thailand. Unfortunately I have not been able to see it, which explains why I can hardly find sleep now; two
"Safari" estates (including the one above); one DS20; one DS21 Pallas (with the metallic blue body, below); and another
one, not identified .  
He never shows his collection to anyone,
and reluctantly accepted that I take a few
photos on the strict condition that nobody
knows who he is and where his cars are.
So he does not restore them, does not drive
them, does not show them, and has no heir...
Then why ? The profit ? Even he does not
seem to be quite sure. He would maybe
accept to sell them, but only at a price tenfold
the one he paid. He knows prices can only
keep rising, and he can wait. For now, the
compulsive old man will continue to buy, and
hide, these beautiful toys he was probably
never given when he was a kid.   
Left: all cars are
complete, with
their original

Right: a white
line has been
added onto the
body side.
A bronze 1969 (?) ID20 next to a very rare SM. There are only maybe five or six of these Citroen-Maserati remaining in
see more on this topic on this page,   
Our man also collects classic car parts,  
accessories, even bolts and nuts,
documentation, magazines, old photographs,
oil paintings, just about anything in fact, and
not necessarily linked with automobile. But
he won't share.