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Page creation 25/10/2014
Chang Tee, a former Citroen mechanic,
continues to restore some DS, in his small
workshop in a Northern Bangkok suburb,
alone, near the Don Muang airport. DS only,
and one at a time.

Chang Tee ("Chang" stands for mechanic
in Thai), 61 when I met him in September
2014,  was still a teenager when he was
engaged by Citroen's Bangkok dealer
Paris-Bangkok, still at its first address on
Wireless Road, in 1967. He had seen a
DS once, and was so impressed that he
decided he would become a mechanic.
He was assigned to the "engine" group,
and in 1993 he decided to continue on
his own.
More about the Paris-Bangkok
Above and left: this 1970 DSuper (according
to its ID plate, but then who knows...) is still
in the hands of its first owner, an architect
from Khon Kaen ! The iridescent body
paintwork is quite unique. Chang Tee has
completed the engine and body restoration,
and now needs to turn his efforts to the
interior. Check the aircon radiator in lieu of
the spare tyre: this was the final configuration
chosen by Paris-Bangkok, after trials under
the car body, or parallel to the main radiator,
according to Chang Tee.
Left: typical "shark gills"
openings on the front
sides, supposedly
helping to evacuate
the heat from the
engine room.
Many thanks to Kh Worasak for taking me there !
A few DS are waiting for better days in Chang Tee's workshop. Above left: a 1973
DSpecial or DSuper is going to receive a "new" engine. Above right: a 1975 DS23.
Below right: a botched attempt at a convertible (not Chang Tee's work !)
And spare parts, heaps of spare parts...
A toolbox with Citroen
tags in the middle of
what inevitably looks
like an altar, with
images of sacred
figures: a revered
monk, and the Thai
King Bhumipol.