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Page creation 21/03/2015
David Smith, my photographer
friend from Nagoya, Japan, took
these gorgeous photos of my own
DS in Bangkok's streets.
Every now and then, we would say "there !"
and point at something in the cityscape
suitable for an interesting background: a
house from the '50s, a colored wall, a
moto-taxi station, a worn-out apartment
A few words about the car: it is
a 1972 DS21, my third Thai DS.
Good overall condition, but heat
building up in the engine room
can be a problem and lead to
the embarrassing "vapor-lock"
phenomenon when I am stuck in
traffic on a (very) hot day. I have
fixed many things already, but
we all know what it is, there is
always something to do on a
classic car...
The car seems reliable enough
now, and I have used it a couple
of times for trips upcountry: Hua
Hin, Kanchanaburi, Khao Yai.
Now I can't wait to take her a
little further, and drive across
the border to another country:
Laos, Cambodia, Burma ?
Rien n'est à vivre, tout est à
espérer... (Elsa)
The photo shoot took place in
March, 2015, at the beginning
of the (very) hot season. I just
had a brand new air-con installed
but we did not use it, and roamed
around all windows open. The
playground was my immediate
neighborhood of Thonglor and
Ekkamai, with enough
(streets) and sub-soi (small
streets) to discover.