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Page creation 25/10/2014, revision 29/03/2015
This "wagon" DS under restoration in Bangkok, already a rare sight, has something that
makes it unique in Thailand, in Asia and maybe even in the world: a fully automatic Borg-
Warner gearbox. This system was developed with the US and other export markets in
mind, and proposed as an option from September 1971. But it was never a success, for
cost reasons (initial cost + increased fuel consumption), and also maybe simply because
nothing could beat the comfort and the efficiency of the semi-automatic system. The funny
thing being, this Borg-Warner system was not supposed to be installed on an ID or a
wagon, meaning this car must have been made on special order... Special order =
special owner, special history ?
Above: the Borg-Warner ID plate. The
car also has its own identification plate,
but it indicates a 1960 model-year,
which does not seem right.
Nagaya-san volunteered to go and check it out, in September 2014. The car is now
undergoing full restoration in a Bangkok suburb.
Above: the gear lever with positions naturally specific to an automatic gearbox. Under the bonnet, another surprise:
instead of the usual carburettor, an electronic injection !
Below: a lot of work ahead for this restoration project.
Update ! (March 2015)  Kh Jour found the photos below on aThai webboard in November
2014, the car is now for sale it seems. The owner gave up the restoration ?...