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Here we have an Italian DS, modified to run on LPG, in Bangkok ? Yes... Alvaro missed la
so much that he decided to bring her to Thailand with him, back in 1988. After all these
years, and in spite of countless difficulties, they still live together.

Alvaro moved to Thailand in 1986, and imported the car from Italy two years later. It is a 1974
DSuper5, in Alvaro's family for quite a while, his father having purchased it around 1978 .
The engine had been modified to allow use of LPG, which is virtually not available in Thailand.
Recently Alvaro has undertaken a full overhaul, and estimates the job is 90% complete. Not
being able to use the car now, he says he feels desperate at times, but his spirits are lifted
when he sees the car, and cannot help but think "how bloody beautiful you are..."
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Update ! (December
2012) Here are a few
more photos of the
Italian DS, which I
purchased from Alvaro
and drove in and around
Bangkok when I lived
there, from mid-2009 to
end 2011. I did have my
share of problems with
this car, but with spare
parts brought from
France and the help of
the Chuchat brothers,
Citroen mechanics, I
could also enjoy great
Above: not being originally destined to the Thai market, this is a rare left-hand drive DS in Thailand, maybe the only
one. The bright red interior leather has been locally ordered by Alvaro. The Chuchat brothers inherited a Citroen
garage from their father and took good care of this car.
See more about their garage
Below: the car at the Suvarnabhumi airport (left), and parked next to the French ambassador's own Citroen (right).    
Below and left: at the car-wash.
Above: this superb 70 x 50 cm personalized poster has been tailor-made by Frenchman
Pascal Bertrand, who can do the same with your own DS or CX. All details can be
reproduced: the number plate of course, but also the antenna, the stickers, all options, and
even the markings on the tyres !
See his website "Ikonoto" (French and English)