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His family's two DS, pictured
here, were a 1966 ID19 (with
the "Citroen" logo on the front
hood, possibly indicating a
British origin), and a 1972

The photo on the top left
corner has been taken in front
of the Ananda Samakhom
Throne Hall, a former
reception hall within the Dusit
Palace in Bangkok, now a

Khun Worasak himself
owned several other Citroen
cars: CX2400 Pallas, two BX,
another DS, not counting the
Xantia and the XM 2.0 Turbo
belonging to his aunt.
But the SM remained his favourite, since the day he saw "the little ads in the Royal Thai
Motor Society pocket book in 1971". In the late '80s and '90s, until his graduation and
departure for the US, he chased the seven SM said to have been imported into Thailand,
and managed to find five of them. Unfortunately they were not for sale, or just too expensive
for the young man...
Left: the first SM imported in Thailand,
unloaded in Klong Toey, Bangkok's
harbour, in July 1971. The following
explanation is given: "An automobile
that is truly "different" arrived recently.
It is the new Citroen SM - containing
virtually all the luxury and comfort one
could expect in a car plus a 180 bhp.
(sic) 2.6 litre engine capable
of speeds up to 208 kph. This
completely different concept in
automobile design was ordered by
Thai International Motors Co., Ltd. for
Mr. Sunthorn Wanapan of SKS
Construction Co., Ltd." (Bangkok
Post, 24 July 1971)
More on Khun Worasak (above, with his Californian SM), his work as an architect and
designer, and his passion for automobiles, on his website (English):
Left: the new Citroen SM advertised by its importer in
Thailand, Thai Inter Motor, in a brochure published in 1970
for a Nina Ricci (!) publicity event (doc. Thitisak Hannoi).

Top: a view of the "Paris-Bangkok" garage in July 1985
(doc. J. Nabart).

Below left: "Paris-Bangkok" mechanic Thitisak Hannoi,
a.k.a. Khun Neung,  proudly posing with a SM, on this
undated shot, probably taken in the '90s (doc. Th. Hannoi).

Below right: two of the very few SM said to be remaining in
Thailand, shot respectively in 2004 and 2010.
See also
Khun Worasak is not your average Thai Citroenist; he actually even owns a SM ! Too bad he
does not live in Thailand anymore, I could have started a "SM in Asia" site... From California
where he now resides, a few pics of the two DS his family used to own in Thailand, before
they were sold in the '90s.
Update ! (July 2013) The SM above was spotted at the main garage in Bangkok of Yontrakit,
Citroen's importer for Thailand, in May 2013. It is the one with the lucky (and expensive)
plate number "8888" seen before, and it looks in superb condition. Photos kindly sent by
Xavier Padova, a young French mechanic working at the garage.
Update again ! (November 2014) Another SM in Bangkok, posted on Facebook. It is the one
already seen above, photographed in the Paris-Bangkok garage in 1985.