Shingo Ishitaka settled in Thailand about
10 years ago, initially to study the cult of
amulets and the habits of collectors. A
collector himself, he was looking for a
classic car and came across this DS in
early 2003: a 1973 DSuper5, complete,
which had been sleeping in a garage in
Lopburi for 25 years !

Shingo had the engine overhauled, and he
reconditioned every part; the interior was
refurbished as well, in Jim Thompson textile,
and creme hide for the seats.  He says he
upgraded the dynamo in order to
accomodate the air-conditioner and the
McIntosh audio system, and mentions he
does not have overheating problems thanks
to a triple-core radiator.  

He uses it almost everyday, and sometimes
for long distances too: he even went as far
as Phitsanulok (560 km north of Bangkok)

But let Shingo do the talking now. How does
it feel to drive a DS in Thailand ? "I like her
as she hovers on bad surface roads without
reducing speed. But it would be better if she
could be more powerful. (...) The hydraulic
system is especially useful when in dirt road
in the mountain. I am especially proud of her
when other vehicles have to  speed down on
unpaved roads but she retains the same
pace. (...) My wife also likes her because
she says she makes every onlooker smile,
not like expensive exotic cars."
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A DS in Thailand is rare enough; but what about a DS in Thailand driven by... a Japanese DS
enthusiast ? That's a "DS in Asia" that counts double !
Shingo (at the wheel, picture above) is a real
collector. The next cars he's looking for ? A
british-made "break" (estate DS), and... a
Facel HK500.