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Always a couple of DS and other
weird cars in Khun Prasert's garage
in Bangkok. The pics here have
been taken by Pascal in 2009, and
by myself in January, 2010.
Above and below: a 1972 DSuper (albeit with an older, 2nd-generation dashboard). The plate
number on the side of the front grille is a common feature in Thailand; it allows a better air
flow into the engine room. The white wall tires look nice, unlike the vents on top of the hood.
Khun Prasert is not exactly a talkative person, so I do not know anything about these cars,
their history and their owners. But I'll drop a few "" cards on the rear seats next
time, so we might hear more about them one of these days...
Update ! (July 2015) Khun Prasert
passed away, and it turns out that he had
discreetly kept one DS in his own house:
a first-owner, 1974 DS23, in its original
condition ! Its owner never came back to
pick it up at the garage after a maintenance
job more than 10 years ago, and the car
has not moved ever since. Everything
seems original: the leather interior, and
the brown AC427 "brun scarabée" body
paint. A rare find in Thailand !