Prior to finding its final resting place in 1976, this 1969 DS21
had covered... 762,000 km. Its former driver, Khun Manit, whom
Pascal met, still has many fond memories.
The car was initially used by the Citroen importer himself, who
drove no less than 90,000 km during the first year. He then sold
it to an American company, which used it to drive four engineers
from Bangkok to Hua Hin and back every day, over seven years.
According to legend, they started out with a Mercedes, but
ended up asking for a DS for its comfort and safety... Khun Manit
was the driver, and he says the car never broke down, he never
used the official hydraulic oil and never opened the engine. The
car's current overall condition is not bad in regards to its
pedigree, but many body and engine parts are missing.
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