Sri Lanka
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In June, 2013, I received three nice
photos and a a very touching mail
from Priyanka, a "Citroniac" in Sri
Lanka, about the ID19 of his

Here is his message,
in extenso:

"I'm Priyanka from Sri Lanka. First of
all thank you very much for the site.
I wonder whether Mr. Ray's citroen is
the only Citroen which is available in
Sri Lanka (at least in this condition)."
"We had an ID19, 3 sri 717 which
has transported me and my twin sister
from the hospital to home as we were
born in 1981. The car belonged to my
uncle and he spent a lot of time and
money on his most loved ID19. Sadly,
he passed away in 2003 and my other
uncle wanted to dispose our true
legend ID19. I wanted to retain the
car since I loved it so much, but I
failed as I didn't have money to buy
the car as a school boy. In fact we
had another car that had purchased
to take parts for the running ID and
my second uncle has sold both the
cars to a car collector for less than
LKR 100,000 (as per my uncle)."
"I still miss my loved ID19 and
would really love and working so
hard to regain an ID or a DS as I
loved it so much. I checked some of
the cars in the international market
too, but they are very expensive (still
worth buying, if I could afford to). I'm
a true Citroniac. Please would you
be able to find more CITROENS in
Sri Lanka in order for us to get hold
of one car in the local market itself.
I hope you understand the way I suffer
with the loss of the legendary ID19."
Priyanka later got in touch with Ray. Let's hope his
dream will come true !
On this photo dated 1980,
Priyanka's uncle, Nihal Fonseka,
exits the ID. Holding the door is
the other uncle, Luxman
Fonseka, the very one who later
disposed of the car !