Sri Lanka
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A DS in "Kommissar X - Drei gelbe Katzen"
("Three yellow cats"; US title "Death is
nimble, death is quick"), a French-Italo-
Austrian action movie shot in what was still
called Ceylon, in 1966. The car is destroyed
in an explosion in the end. No wonder they
are hard to find in the island now...
These screenshots come directly from (Internet Movie Car Database), a
great website managed by a Frenchman
showing and identifying all cars appearing on
See here:
Directed by Rudolf Zehetgruber and starring
Tony Kendall and Brad Harris, this "swinging
1960s Spy-O-Rama" was part of the
forgettable, and forgotten, "Kommissar X"
series. The LHD car, seemingly an early '60s
ID, bears what might be a consular number
plate in "CC". According to Ray, this scene
was shot at the Katukurunda air field south of
For more about the film, see here:

The extracts with the DS are here, on my Youtube channel: