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The DS was there indeed, in a vast
warehouse sheltering an impressive
number of cars, almost all of them in the
same unrestored condition. It is a LH 1972
DS21 Pallas, still maybe in its original body
paint AC423 (Rouge Masséna = a kind of
bright red).
I was told that a worn-out Californian DS
had made its way to Singapore in 2013.
The new owner, who confesses a special
taste for the Maserati-powered Citroen SM,
kindly let me have a look into his collection.
What I saw exceeded by far what I had
Left: the car in the US,
just before its shipment
to Singapore.
Above: the typical modifications made on
US-export models: no glass encasing the
headlights, specific winkers. This car also
has the original air-conditioning.
Now, how about the SM,
for which the owner said
he has a preference ?
I quickly spot one of them
nearby in its typical
"scarabée" brown colour,
then another, and then
some more... I am
stunned. The owner
smiles, and although he
does not wish me to give
the exact number of SM,
I'll be allowed to say it's
somewhere between 10
and 20...
"What's your problem ?"
I can't help but ask.
"I know, I'm crazy. Can't
stop buying them. I love
that car ever since I saw
one in the street, here in
Singapore, when I was in
my teens."

The owner, a well-to-do
entrepreneur, started with
Mercedes, and picks
mostly European cars:
Italian (Alfa, Maserati
Merak...), German. He
buys them all over the
His project: to build a classic car
restoration centre, in nearby Brunei if not
in Singapore, with the added advantage of
teaching a job to under-educated, local
youth. He says he does not want to buy
cars anymore (we don't have to believe
him...), but rather start to buy parts, so
that he can restore at least some of his
cars, and maybe drive them, although it
might not be easy in classic-car unfriendly
Singapore. In the longer term, he dreams
about a museum, for everyone to be able
to see the jewels he will have collected all
around the world.