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Left: Eric Bloomfield at the finish line
of the 1960 Malayan Mobilgas
Economy Run on Orchard Road. The
first leg of the event had to be
cancelled due to flood on the
causeway, even though the ID had
made it through thanks to its unique
Above left: the same "BE88", at the Dover Kilo Sprint, in
September, 1958.

Above right: another DS or ID in Singapore, no details
available unfortunately.

Left: Saw Kim Thiat, Malaysian racing champion between
the '50s and '60s with Peng Tsu Yin by a Citroen DS on
this undated photo. Both Peng and Saw raced in the
various Grand Prix in Singapore and Malaysia throughout
the '60s, Peng often in his Mini and Hansa, Saw in a
variety of cars: Lotus 11, Lotus 15... even a Gullwing
Following on Lye Choon's
path, several drivers engaged
a DS or and ID in local motor
events, mostly economy runs,
up to around 1960. Terry
Pearce, teaming up with Eric
Bloomfield, was one of them,
aboard his ID19.
British Singapore was home to many motor sports enthusiasts, expats and locals alike. The
Singapore Motor Club (SMC), formed in 1948 by Freddie Pope, organized motoring events of
all kinds, the favourite of which being the Johore Grand Prix. Other popular events included
half-mile sprints, speed trials, hill climbs and economy runs, organized by the SMC and many
other car associations such as the Automobile Association (Singapore), the Automobile
Association (Malaya), the Malayan Motor Club, the Perak Motor Club, the Penang and North
Malaya Motor Club...    
Above and below: Terry Pearce's "BE88" Thundercloud Grey ID19 being prepared for the 1960 Mobilgas race. The car
eventually returned to the UK with its owner.
All photos on this page come from the personal collection of Singaporean vintage car
magazine "Rewind" editor Eli Solomon, whom I thank for kindly sharing them with me. See his
website here (English):
In news archives I could find the following
entrants with a DS or ID in local races:
- Apr 1958 Malayan Mobilgas Economy Run:
Chan Lye Choon - DS19  
- Jul (?) 1958 (unnamed race, saloon and
tourers, 2000 cc): Chan Lye Choon (2nd
- Mar 1959 Mobilgas Economy Run (Class
2): Chan Lye Choon, A.H.W. Garnham - ID19
(2nd place)
- Sep 1959 Singapore Forces Motoring Club
meeting in Sembawang (saloon and tourers
normal series, 2000 cc): N.K. Yong - DS19
(2nd place)
- Feb (?) 1960 Johore Coronation Events
(saloon and tourers): Low Thiam Bok - ID19  
- (Apr ?) 1960 Malayan Mobilgas Economy
Run (Class 4): T.H. Pearce, E.J. Bloomfield -
- May (?) 1960 (unnamed race, organised by
the Royal Perak Motor Club; class B): A.
Bussens - ID19
Right: this Mobilgas ad shows Pearce and Bloomfield's
ID19 (Straits Times, 8 May 1960)