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Early 2009, a young classic car enthusiast, Agha Ahmed Husain, found this US-export DS21 in
a Karachi garage. He says it gave him "goosebumps"... Here is the report of his discovery, non
edited, along with his photos.
" The first time i read about a DS, the title said
'Aliens have landed', since that day i have been
anxiously searching for a DS in Karachi.
Luckily, a few weeks back i was told by a friend
that there are a few cars in an abandoned
factory in Karachi. As we entered the factory we
were greeted by a red 57' Belair, on my right
and left i saw American cars in a very bad
shape. i was more keen on going further inside,
as we walked, we passed a couple of more
classics until i saw the DS parked separately in
a corner, it was beautiful. I walked towards it in
amazement, looked at it from all four corners
and touched it for the first time. It gave me

"According to the owner, the car has been with
him since quite some time. I asked him how it
used to drive ? He said, The most comfortable
car with the most advanced technology of the
era. He  then popped the hood and showed us
the engine. Confusing but beautiful, that's how i
would put it. The engineering was over my
league and truly a work of art."

"sir ill keep you updated with any more
information i find on this specific car."