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Mr Wong has seen the first DS arrive in
Malaysia, and he maintained them. He kept
one for him, too, a 1974 DS23 Pallas,
almost new.
We visited Mr Wong one foggy day in July,
2007, in his workshop in the suburbs of
Kuala Lumpur. At 75 years old, this is the
place he feels good in, hands full of grease.
He nevertheless accepted to make a pause
to recall his beginnings as a mechanic:

"It was in the '50s, I was a young man and
I found my way inside the British Air Army
base, where they maintained their cars
during the week-ends. That's where I
learnt." He remembers the Tractions
existing in what was called then the Malaya
State (before independance in 1957), and
the first DS. Very early on he catches the
Citroen virus, and specializes himself in
their maintenance:

"There used to be perhaps as many as
thirty DS in Malaysia, in the '70s. Several
belonged to government people, at least
six or seven as far as I can remember. The
French embassy also had one, a wagon
version, the only one in the country."

Mr Wong kept preciously one of these DS,
a 1974 DS23 Pallas he purchased that
same year, almost new, from the family of
the then Deputy Minister for Transports. He
kindly accepted to start it for us, a smile on
his face as soon as the engine purred, and
quickly returned to where he belongs: in his
workshop, hands full of grease.
Top: the impressive air conditioning installation, in the
Left: Mr Wong built himself the apparatus to fill the
hydraulic spheres.
Bottom: Mr Wong's workshop, "Sin Motors"
(sic), in the
suburbs of Kuala Lumpur.
Update ! (April 2008) Mr Wong ("the
Citroen guru"), along with Surjit, are the
heroes of an article about the DS in a local
newspaper, the New  Sunday Times, last
January 20th, 2008 (left, click to enlarge).
Update ! (July 2013) Stig Arvid Knutsson,
a Norwegian residing in Kuala Lumpur, is
the new owner of this beauty. Some work
has been done on the mechanical and
hydraulic side, and his next project is to
refurbish the seats and upholstery with
brand new leather purchased from

Meanwhile, he had the opportunity to show
his car during the official presentation of
the new DS4 and DS5 in Kuala Lumpur, in
presence of Citroen executives and of the
French ambassador, who, according to
Knit: "is a very pleasant lady. When she
saw my car she rushed past the new cars
and clapped her hands, saying "Wow, my
mother had one like that, I grew up in it !"
And then followed a long conversation..."       
Above: at the official presentation of the new DS line in
Kuala Lumpur, by Citroen's new importer in the country,
Naza Euros Motors.