Surjit knows of seven DS in the whole
country, including two of his own. He knows
all of them quite well. Only natural; he is the
one who maintains them all, in his garage
specialized in Citroens, in the Kuala Lumpur

Surjit started in a Citroen franchise in 1982,
then kicked-off his own shop in 1999, now
called "Elite Cars Service Center".
Top: the pink car's tail lamps seem to
indicate a British model. The white one is
Nigel's, presented separately in this site,

Left: Surjit working on Nigel's car. He recalls
that his own fascination with the DS dates
back to the '60, when as a young boy he
used to pass in front of a shop specialized in
this weird car.
Another DS in the garage for repair. Surjit caters to seven DS in total in Malaysia, including
a Prestige version, and another one converted to open-top. He also maintains a DS in
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