Yes, a Prestige, one of these rare VIP
versions with the separation between the
two rows of seats. This one, used formerly
by the Malaysian government for cabinet
ministers, now belongs to a Citroen
enthusiast, and has been shown recently at
a Citroen meeting in Kuala Lumpur.
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The car, a golden 1970 DS21 with A/C, in
excellent condition, has been bought and
fully restored a few years ago. Its new
owner, undoubtedly a Citroen fan, also has
a CX Prestige and two XMs.
The car was shown during a Citroen fans gathering in Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur, in
December, 2006. Another ex-government-use DS also participated, along with six CX.
The meeting was the first such event organized by an informal group of classic Citroen
amateurs, including specialist Surjit (see          ), and should be held again in the future.
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Update ! (July 2015) The car
has been further restored,
repainted and tested. According
to its owner, it is now ready for
DSinAsia cross-border rallies !