Nigel got this car against the promise to
make it run again. Madame Rust has
already eaten up a good share of it,
but there is still hope. After all, when he
managed to start the engine, the car rose
above the ground ! Nigel has a passion for
Citroens, and was thinking about trying a
BX or a Xantia, after two ZXs. Then he
heard about that DS, grounded for several
years due to hydraulic leak problems. The
owner, remembering the long trips in the
countryside with his wife, before there were
highways,  only asked for a chance to drive
it once more...
The car, a 1972 DS21, had been sitting on
its axle stands for 6 years. Although it was
regularly cleaned and started, the seaside
atmosphere took its toll, and rust has made
its way on most body parts.

The engine was originally fitted with an
electronic injection, but due to ECU failure it
was replaced by a carburetter.
At least with this massive air ducts unit
below the dashboard, you can be sure the
car has or had air conditioning. You could
have told with the openings in the front
bumper anyway. The original leather seats
have been replaced long ago by ... purple

The car should now undergo full restoration.
All the best to Nigel ! We look forward to the
Top: "Now, what the hell is that ?".
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