This old mechanic in Vientiane seems to be
wondering whether he will one day be able
to restore one of his two DS, the only ones
he knows of in the capital he says. I do not
know if I should encourage him...

It all happened in February 2003, when I
saw an old car parked in front of this repair
shop in the center of Vientiane. I stopped to
ask the owner, Mr Kam Chai, if any Citroen
DS was to be seen in the city.  What a
surprise when he said matter-of-factly "yes,
I've got two of them at home, come at noon
and I'll take you there". A little while later, off
we go, with my friend Heiner,  wondering
what the trick may be. What an emotion
when we saw the two wrecks !

I did not quite understand where they come
from, but he assured us there are none
other in the city.

One of them is a 1970 DS21 Pallas, the
other a 1969 DS20 Pallas, and there is only
one engine for two...

Mr Kam Chai was wondering if he could
restore them one day, having no parts and
no knowledge at all. I did not have the heart
to encourage him... But I hope they are still
Special bonus: this Peugeot 203 also spotted
in Vientiane, belonging to a Frenchman who
runs an antiques shop there, and who took it
over from the French embassy.
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