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The DS in two Korean books about cars, translated
from European works.

Some car books written by Korean authors can also
be found, but I could not find any with the DS so far.
I even stumbled upon one called "120 years of car
design", with several pictures of the Traction Avant
and of the 2CV, but none of the DS ! Some
education needs to be done...
The first book is titled "The enchanting classic car - The 50
defining moments in the history of the Automobile", and was
published by Sigongsa in 2005.

It is a translation of the French book "Les 50 légendes de
l'automobile" ("The 50 legends of automotive history"), by
Serge Bellu, published in 2001 by Editions Solar.

The pictures in the 3 pages about the DS all come from the
French book.

The original pages with an English translation are here:
The second one is titled "History of
the Automobile", and was published
by MJ media in 2004.

It is translated from the German book
"Vom Dampfwagen zum Auto: die
Motorisierung Verkehrs" ("From steam
to automobile : motorizing traffic") by
Erik Eckerman, published in 2002 by
Delius Klasing.

Download the original text with
its English translation here:
Update ! (April 2015) I finally found a
Koran book with a DS, authored by a
Korean writer. Titled "Car Design
Book", it is the work of Jo Kyung Shil,
who studied at the British Royal
College of Art. It was published in
2009 by Gilbut Editions. There are
photos of a DS and of a SM, along
with a short explanation.        

Dowload the original text
with an English translation here: