In the 2001 French action film titled
"Wasabi", shot for the most part in Tokyo
and featuring Jean Reno and Ryoko
Hirosue, actor Michel Muller drives a local
DS in several scenes. This must be
presumed to stress his "Frenchness"...
More about the movie here (English):
Arrival in Narita airport, Tokyo. Hubert (Reno) is welcomed by old friend Momo (Muller),
a long-time resident of Japan. Hubert is puzzled when he sees Momo's car:
"You still have that car ?
- Why, yes, you don't change a winning team !"
Momo drops Hubert in Shinjuku. In reality, the scene is shot in Akihabara, another lively
neighborhood of Tokyo.
Now, a few scenes from the "making of":
And finally, for the real hard-core fans, the film's poster in different countries: from left to
right, France, Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan.
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