Takemura-san called his Tokyo garage "Javel". He sells - did you guess ? - Citroens,
classic and modern. Including some DS, after a full restoration to their original, perfect
condition, so that his demanding customers can use them in daily life.
Takemura Yoichi-san's love story with
Citroen started when he boarded a GSI
long ago, and was impressed by the
design and the comfort. When he
inherited the garage from his father in
1990, he decided to specialize in this

He fully restores, sells and maintains the
complete post-war Citroen range, from the
DS to the C5. Today the DS is less sought
after than the CX or the Xantia for
example, but he still manages to sell one
or two of them every year.

His motto is to provide a top-class service:
the cars are in perfect condition, with
specific on-demand adaptations so that
they can be used in everyday life:
environment-friendly exhaust system, air
conditioning, electric door glass...

The top quality has a price: the
negotiation for a DS starts at 4 Million Yen
(about 36,000 $).
A page from "javel.co.jp". Takemura-san's
site features a lot of information, a forum
and his own blog.

Link (Japanese):
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Some of Takemura-san's cars. The green Safari (export name of the estate version)
below is featured separately on this site,
Takemura-san's business cards,
Japanese and English versions.
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