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The car was purchased in 1975
by Ikemori-san's mother, who
regularly drove it herself in full
kimono wear.

It was a second-hand car, but with
only 20,000 km (now 155,000)
and in perfect condition. Thanks
to the family's love and care, the
car kept that almost brand-new
condition over the years; apart
from the new body paint (in the
original AC200 black), eveything
is original.    
Only two modifications were
brought, only to be later
abandoned: an air
conditioning system, which
was the cause of too much
over-heating in the engine
room, was taken away in
1985. And a trunk-mounted
antenna, which Ikemori-san
added when he saw one on
a DS in a Italian film with
Alain Delon ("The
Professor", 1972), was also
later removed.
Top: the reading light, a nice original accessory.

Below: the upholstery has been protected by some
transparent plastic sheets over the years, and remains
in a perfect original condition.
We cruise in the rainy streets of Nagoya,
where the Ikemori family resides. He
explains:  "We have other cars for different
uses. But with the DS I feel so safe and in
peace. This car is really special."
I turn back and look at Mrs Ikemori on the rear
seat. She smiles, and looking again at that old
photo of the lake Biwa date taken many years
ago, I start to understand why this car has
such a special place in Ikemori-san's heart...
Ikemori-san used his 1969
DS21 when he dated his
fiancee. That was more than
30 years ago. The DS, in
perfect condition, is still
cherished by Mr and Mrs

This lovely shot was taken
during one of these dates
near lake Biwa, a scenic
spot not far from Kyoto,
around 1978. Mrs Ikemori
loved, and still loves, to
wear a kimono.
Below: M Ikemori, his DS and Mrs Ikemori, in
front of the Nagoya castle.