The April 2006 edition of the
French magazine "Vogue"
featured a very fashionable
Japanese gentleman and his
car. Not surprising, Saito-san
being the President of
Hermes in Japan... and I
have been told the interior
leather is also from Hermes.
The car comes from the
Tokyo garage Javel,
specialized in classic
Citroens, also featured in this
Many photos of this car, in most cases taken in front of the "Hermes" shop in Ginza, can be
found on Japanese sites or blogs, for example:
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Above and below: nice snaps found on photographers' sites (Aug. 2008). Where we can
see that the car is an electronic injection type, and that it decidedly looks in perfect condition.
Update ! (June 2009): the decidedly ubiquitous DS in a car-wash (photos N. Oehler).