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There are magazines for every taste and
hobby in Japan. A handful of them even
specialize in garages: how to design, build
and enjoy life with a nice space for your car,
in your own home. The DS was bound to
find its way in some of these magazines.

This gorgeous photo of a black ID20 was
used twice by the magazine "Car & Home"
(Neko Publishing): first in its October 2005
issue (below), then again on the cover of a
later number, in October 2011 (left). No
comment about the owner or his passion for
this car, but the unmistakable outline of the
DS is faithfully reproduced in the house's
blueprint (below left).
There is a little bit more about the owner of
this other DS, featured in another magazine
from Neko Publishing, titled "Gareeji-no aru
ie" (A house with a garage), Vol. 27, April
2013. Wataru Kimura, that's his name,
explains that he shifted to classic cars a
few years back; he uses everyday this
1961 ID19, which he bought at an auction
in France. He also owns a superb 1957
Mercedes 190SL. Founder and President
of a fashion company called Intermix, he
feels increasingly attracted by a "vintage"
kind of lifestyle, and only regrets that the
other members of his family, feeling sort
of "ashamed", won't ride with him... (as
a father of teenagers myself, this is
something I know too well). So on
week-ends he drives to the seaside for
surfing (another of his hobbies), or joins
classic car meets.
"Garage Life" is another title in the Neko
Publishing magazine portfolio. The cover of
its January 2007 number (vol. 30, left) shows
a pipe-smoking gentleman next to a DS, in
what does not seem to be a Japanese
environment... Fumiaki Fujisawa lives in
Komagane city, Nagano prefecture. He loves
coffee and decided very early on that he
would become a "coffee master". He opened
his coffee shop "Goos" around 1988, and
used it to display the classic cars that he
started to collect: a CX at first, then this 1972
DS, then British cars such as Morgan and
Lotus....He also owns a Type H truck (which
he says he used for coffee beans delivery),
a 2CV and a Renault 4.

The photo below was shown in the April
2003 issue of the same magazine (Vol. 15),
before the completion of the new garage, in
2005, which is seen on the left.