About 3,500 French cars and 7,000 visitors... That gives you an idea of the scale of the
"French Blue Meeting", a yearly event organized by and for amateurs of French cars,
classic or not. And of course there are several DS too. No less than fourteen of them
when I last was there, for the 20th edition, in October 2006 !
Top: Citroen for toddlers.
Right: now what's that ? A prototype ? Sort
of, and driven from the rear seat, as its
hilarious owner explained.
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The meeting takes place in what is in winter a ski resort named Kurumayama, in Nagano
Prefecture, central Japan, and extends over two days. It started in 1987 with no more
than 50 persons and has never stopped expanding ever since. Today is goes well
beyond cars, as the French culture in general is celebrated, with for example a film
festival, and a party with French musicians, wine and cheese.
Any club or individual is free to come and organize its own activity; the motto of the
meeting being "you are the one to make it happen". As a result the atmosphere is really
fun and relaxed.
Pictures from this meeting can be found on many Japanese sites, but it has also its own
Link (Japanese):
As in any such meeting, it is a good
opportunity for amateurs of a model in
particular to meet and exchange info.

Some of these DS and their proud owners
are presented in more detail in this site; the
one below for example is
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Update ! (June 2011) Hereafter a few more pics fished on the Net, from the 2008 edition,
and showing some more DS and other Citroen oldies.