The cover of Motor Magazine, December

The covers of magazines of that period are
really worth a nostalgic look; I will show
them all on this page, even though there is
no DS on them. Click to enlarge, and enjoy !
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The following month, the same
press pictures are shown
again, this time in colour. The
text stresses that the car has
become a sensation in the
motoring world, and that no
less than 3,000 orders have
been taken on the first day of
the Paris show.
The monthly Motor Magazine, in its December
1955 issue (left), was the first to show the DS19,
unveiled in Paris only two months before.
Comments accompanying the photos praise the
technology, the design, the comfort, just as
everyone did at that time in fact.
Motor Magazine,
January 1956
At the same time, Motor Fan, the other major car magazine
of the time, if not a little bit more domestic-oriented, gives
extra pictures and technical explanations about the car's
extraordinary features: the central hydraulic system of course,
and, with the help of drawings, the front and rear suspension,
the engine and transmission, the intriguing button-type break
Motor Fan,
January 1956
Difficult to give more coverage when you do
not have a car to try your hands on... The DS19
neverthless regularly features in "Motor
Magazine" during the following months, in
particular when an article reviews the different
automotive trends, like the one on the left:
"The style of representative cars from different
countries". In that number, the DS is also
represented in a sketch (below), to my
knowledge the first such drawing of a DS
made in Japan.
Motor Magazine, July 1956. Yes, a
Renault, and yes, the Notre-Dame
cathedral in Paris !
Ah, la France...
In November 1956 a superb set of drawing is shown by Motor
Magazine, along with detailed explanations on the car's
technical features. The drawings, signed "h", must be have
been made by an artist in Japan, as he also signed similar
car sketches at the same period.
Motor Magazine,
November 1956
The ID19, "the mass-market
DS", is presented for the first
time in Japan in December
Motor Magazine,
December 1956
...and shown in more detail
the following month, along
with a colour picture from
"S.A. Andre Citroen".
Motor Magazine,
January 1957
Motor Magazine,
July 1957
Motor Magazine,
August 1957
Motor Magazine,
May 1958
The DS before the DS. In December 1955,
images of the new DS19 were shown in Japan
for the first time. The public had to wait a few
more years to see the real thing, but in the
meantime, the Citroen star was to be featured
and analyzed at length in auto magazines.
A bleu-blanc-rouge trio of ID
in another nice colour picture
in July 1957 (left), followed
by a B&W double-page the
following month (below).
Then for a while, novelty is found elsewhere,
new models make headlines, and the DS is
not featured anymore, up to August 1958
exactly, when the first one physically lands in
Japan. From then on, pictures and road tests
will be made in Japan for the main part.

But wait, before that, the DS does appear
once more in a Japanese magazine, and on
the cover on top of that : it is... a model, along
with other epoch-making cars models, such
noblesse oblige, a Traction, and a 2CV.