Motor Magazine, November 1958.

This is the very first DS, an ID19 in
fact, to appear on the cover of a
Japanese magazine. The car is also
the first to have landed in Japan;
story is presented

Motor Magazine was one of the two
major auto magazines of the time, the
other one, Motor Fan, being more
oriented on three-wheelers and
domestic brands.
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Jikayosha - The Owner Driver, May

One of the first DS in Japan,
belonging to a member of the
American occupation forces, as
indicated by the plate number starting
with an "E".

The magazine features some articles
about the DS19 and the ID19, and
about Citroen in general.
Jikayosha - The Owner Driver,
October 1966.

No related article inside; it is only
explained that the cover picture,
taken in the Okutama mountain
range, just west of Tokyo, shows a
"DS Pallas, similar to the DS21 but
with a more gorgeous interior", and
that it is for sale at 2.8 million yen.

Jikayosha (litterally "the car for
personal use") was targeted at
potential buyers of the expanding
national production; it still exists
today but has become a rather
minor publication.
Jikayosha - The Owner Driver, May

No related article inside; only the
mention that the cover picture was
taken on the Misaki coast in the Miura
peninsula, not far from Tokyo. The
plate number reads "Citroen" in
Motor Magazine, March 1964.

"A DS19" is the only mention; no
related article inside.
Car Graphic, October 1962.

This magazine, still regarded today
as one of Japan's most illustrious,
was founded in April of that year by
the famous auto journalist Shotaro
Kobayashi. He decided to make a
special feature about Citroen for this
7th issue; he later said that sales
were so poor that it almost forced him
to stop the magazine ! Really a pity,
because this number has a wealth of
interesting articles about the brand's
history, its available range at the time
(DS19, Ami 6, 2CV), interviews of
local owners, and a road test of the
DS19 on the cover.  
More about
The DS on the cover of Japanese magazines, in chronological order, from 1958 to today.   
Car Graphic, August 1975.

The main article is titled: "From the
DS to the CX.... Adieu DS". Car
Graphic's way to celebrate the 20-
year career of the DS, whose
production was stopped in April of
that year.
Car Graphic, April 1974.

This 1968 DS21 convertible,
presented in detail in the magazine,  
was the only one in Japan at that
time, and it still belongs to its first
owner. To
see more about this very
unique car, it's   
Car Magazine, December 2005.

"Why the DS is loved, and why it is
hated", on the cover of this issue of
"Car Magazine", illustrated by Bow,
at the occasion of the 50th
anniversary of the DS birth. Several
articles about the mythical car,
including a full report on the jubilee-
related events in France.
Car Magazine, January 2000.

"What the Citroen DS taught us" on
the cover of this issue of "Car
Magazine", which features several
articles on the DS: its history of
course, but also interviews with
Japanese owners, the presence of
the DS in cinema, etc.

Bow has been illustrating the cover of
"Car Magazine" since the beginning ;
more about him and this pink DS
Engine, January 2002.

Jean-Pierre Jeunet, the French movie
director, is interviewed in "Engine",
one of the numerous magazines
catering to the Japanese man's
most basic needs: luxury watches,
exclusive fashion, and top cars. On
the cover he poses next to a 1975
DS23 "Safari".
This car is
presented separately    
Garage Life, January 2007.

There is a magazine for absolutely
every taste or hobby in Japan; a
couple of them even specialize in
garages ! How to build them, how to
put your cars in them, etc. On the
cover of "Garage Life", a 1972 DS in
front of the "French retro garage" of
Fujisawa-san, in Nagano Prefecture,
central Japan.
Old Timer, August 1995.

"Old Timer" is all about old car
restoration, more or less the
equivalent of "Gazoline" in France.

The cover is always illustrated with a  
drawing by artist Shin Numajiri; here
are his comments about this one : "A
1967 Citroen DS21 - We can
sometimes spot a DS on the street ;
when we do see one, lying low on the
ground, we can not help but whisper
Tipo, March 2005.

The DS starts to make regular
appearances in "Tipo", even as the
unlikely match for a comparison with
a Lamborghini !
The article itself is
Pen, November 1999.

After being virtually absent from
Japan's car magazines for almost 20
years, roughly from the late '70 to the
late '90, the DS makes a come-back
as a classic car and a reference in
automotive design. The cover of this
"lifestyle" magazine proposes to its
male readership "how to own a
classic car".

(Document A. Komo)
Tipo, January 2000.

A DS behind a BX on the cover a
"Tipo", a magazine featuring mostly
"latin" cars, namely French and
Italian, old or recent. The main story:
a "Citroen boom", no less !

(Document A. Komo)
Navi, January 2006.

This other car magazine also
celebrates the DS for its 50th

(Document A. Komo)
Car & Home, October 2011.

Another example of these "garage"
magazines, this one having the
following motto: " Build the house for
the car your love".
Engine, May 2012.

For its special feature on "open car
life", this "Engine" number shows
one of the only two modified open-top
DSuper made in 1970 by body-maker
Chapron, on special request from
the Southern France newspaper
company "Le Provençal", who
needed them to shoot cycling races
easily. This one was found by chance
in front of the Eiffel Tower by
photographer Osamu Yajima.
Car Magazine, February 2013.

Yet another DS on a cover of "Car
Magazine", drawn by Bow. The
special feature is about "Falling in a
quagmire for 1 Million yen", meaning,
how to fall for a cheap car (1 Million
yen = about 10,000 $), that will
eventually cost you a lot more.
Follows a selection of 26 such cars,
including a 1973 DS23, with this
subtitle: "Will your reason tell you to
stop or go ?"  

(Info F. Chow)
Tipo, July 2013.

"The temptation of historic cars",
on the cover of this "Tipo" number,
featuring two iconic models: a
Porsche 911 Carrera and a 1966
Citroen ID19.

(Document F. Chow)
Motor Magazine, January 1968.

A rally DS on the cover, but no
related article inside this issue of
Motor Magazine.
Tipo, April 2010.

A bordeaux DS21 on the cover of this
"Tipo", with a full report inside.

(Document Kazuma Nomoto)
Tipo, May 2010.

And again the following month ! The
title on the cover: "Italian passion vs.
French beauty". The ID19 is shown in
detail inside.

(Document Kazuma Nomoto)
Car Magazine, December 2014.

Car Magazine, now the "magazine
for those who love historic and sports
Car", shows a DS on its cover again,
with more detail inside and an
interview of illustrator Bow. The car
was sourced and shot in Japan, but
still with its French plate, in a typical
Japanese fashion.
Tipo, June 2016.

Tipo again, with a black DS23 owned
by Mr Moriguchi, featured in more
detail inside.

(Document G. de la Rupelle)