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The DS in Japanese TV commercials, from Shiseido to Sony.
The one above, for a lipstick by cosmetics brand Kose, features the famous "idol" Amuro
Namie ("caption: my lips are so busy !").
See the VDO on my Youtube channel, here:
This one, for a "killer wink gel liner" by Shiseido, another leading cosmetics brand, shows
gorgeous actress Kishimoto Cecil in a no less gorgeous DS.
See the VDO here:
Then this one, for apparel maker Uniqlo, starring Charlize Theron. It has probably been
shot in the US, but it was aired in Japan, and Uniqlo is a Japanese brand after all, so let's
say this is a DS in Asia. T
he VDO is here:
This one, for Sony's "Cybershot" digital camera, is a little bit older and shows a strangely
arranged DS, for the
henna gaijin (strange foreigner). The VDO is here: