Fumie-san, from Fukuoka, created Citroen-themed calendars three years in a row (2001 to
2003). Each of them includes a DS, ink-drawn in a traditional manner, complete with the
"chevrons" red symbol in lieu of the author's seal.
You can find the complete collection on her site (Japanese):
The Jan 2000 number
of "Car Magazine" (Nr
259; title: "What the
Citroen DS taught us");
and the Dec 2005
number (Nr 330; title:
"Why the DS is loved,
and why it is hated"),
featuring the 50th
anniversary of the DS.
Under the artist name "Bow", Kazuhiro Ikeda is very famous amongst car fans all over
Japan: he is the one who has been illustrating the cover of "Car Magazine", the reference
such publication in Japan, every month since the first issue, in August 1979 ! In an
interview, he explains that the pink DS seen on the Jan 2000 edition cover was inspired by
a real candy-pink DS, which he used to see around 1980 parked in Harajuku, a
fashionable area of Tokyo, where he had his atelier.
He has a site, where he sells a full collection of car-related goods (Japanese):
Takumi-san has brought the traditional Japanese art of origami (paper craft) to previously
unknown levels. The DS above is only made of paper, and if you want to try you just need
to download the design (several colours available) and follow the explanations on his site.
Takumi-san acknowledges the DS was a challenging model, but he really wanted to do it
because he likes the car.
Link to the page with the DS (Japanese):
Kojiro Imamura started loving everything about France in his junior high school days, and
Citroen when he saw the Yves Robert movie "Very Happy Alexander" (1968), which
prompted him to buy a 2CV as a first car. He then started to put Citroen cars in his
drawings, which have even been exposed at the headquarters of Citroen in Paris !
To him, the DS is very simply the "masterpiece of modern art of the 20th century". He owned
two of them about 10 years ago, but now only needs to rely on his imagination to draw them.
More in Imamura-san's facebook page (Japanese):
Seiji Chaza, from Toyoake near Nagoya, draws cars, and so
does his wife.  He even made a DS calendar for the year
2007 (picture on right). His dream is to be able to present his
art one day in Retromobile, the classic car show in Paris.
Yumico, in Nagoya, just loves "latin" cars, meaning
French and Italian. She also draws them.
Link to her collection here (Japanese):
Finally, I had to find the DS in some manga (Japanese comics)... Done ! Muneyoshi Tanaka
(see above) has got to be a Citroen fan, since he is the owner of two BX, and Citroen oldies,
including some DS, regularly make some appearances in his "Bolts and Nuts" series, a
regular feature of the car magazine "Tipo" (top).

The two drawings below date back to an older series called Kochikame,
and are shown at the
following DS link:
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The "superlative object", as French writer Roland Barthes once put it, was bound  to inspire
artists in Japan. From ink painting to plaster, from
origami to manga...
Yasuomi Inoue uses plaster
to mould these so unique
little car models, including
this cute DS (numbered
2006-0001) found in a
Tokyo shop for car
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Muneyoshi Tanaka draws cars with a humoristic touch.
This one, on a postcard edited by Takahara Bookstore,
bears the legend "I'm afraid you've left something
behind ? - Magic of height corrector".
Ishiwata-san has never seen a real DS, but he likes them. The one on the left above was
shown on his site, but the link seems broken now:
This cute "deformed" little DS is part of a series,
posted on the net by its author, Masashi Kugai.
Two DS appear in a gorgeous picture book by
Donboolacoo, with a 2CV as the main character.
The entire book can be
accessed on the artist's
website (Japanese):
Satoru has a DS in his collection too. Link (Japanese,
but seems broken now ):
Akira Mizorogi has been making cars in folded paper since his school days, using milk
cartons. In a 1994 book (Kami-no kuruma - It's only a paper car, ed. Nigensha, cover
above), he shows some of the models he likes most: mainly European cars of the '60,
including a Citroen DS21. I did try to make one myself, but looking at the poor result, and
firmly resolved to keep the quality of this site at a high level, I decided not to make it public.
In this children's book published in 1972, titled "Jidosha-no Osama" (The king of cars), one
car represents one country; for France, as it should be, a DS21 Pallas.
Flash-back: a "Citroen", drawn by R. Takahashi, is the latest of all car models presented on
this lovely folding document titled "Jidosha no chishiki" (Knowledge of Automobile), edited in
1956 by the Transportation Museum.
This cute DS, offered to me by David Smith, a photographer friend in
Japan, was made by Japanese artist "Aki Riproduction". You can order
yours too,
simply contact him on his fb page, here:
A DS and other Citroens sometimes
make quick appearances in "Lupin
III", a manga
anime started in 1971
(snaphots below). Author Hayao
Miyazaki owned a 2CV himself.