Manuel Boileau, a young Frenchman driving his ambulance DS around the world, was
stuck with a hydraulic problem on the roadside in Esfahan. Five chaps came one after the
other and proposed to help, with no result. A sixth one said his brother had the same car
in his backyard and could maybe help...
Maysam Zarrinejad, the brother, has a
repair shop and specializes in Citroens
(they have been assembled for many years
in Iran, where the Dyane for instance is a
common sight). He soon arrived, in a
transformed Mehari, and repaired Manuel's
car on the spot. He then took Manuel to his
workshop and showed him the old DS21
Pallas, which has been grounded for many
years, and can not be repaired due to lack
of spare parts.

Maysam was amazed that Manuel's DS
could endure the heat without any special
openings on the bonnet... He also said he
knows of two other DS in the area.

Upper right: Maysam and his niece.

Right: the plate indicates a registration in
Tehran, the current capital, and not
Esfahan, the ancient capital, "half the
world" as it is called.
Manuel Boileau is currently taking his 1971 estate DS, especially transformed from an
ambulance version, for a world tour, no less ! He already crossed Turkey, Iran, Pakistan,
India, Malaysia, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam. Next on the map are Japan,
and the American continents, from North to South. He created an association, Lunaya, to
support his project. The link to his site is unfortunately not valid anymore.
Manuel's ID ambulance estate in the Iranian desert
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